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Smart, talented, and capable; Dr. Alex is an asset wherever he goes. Now, a ABPD board certified pediatric dentist, Alexander graduated from the Williamson County public school system and was elected by his peers to leadership positions, 3 years consecutively. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2011 after spending 13 months in his sophomore year at Stanford University as a domestic exchange scholar. An accomplished multi-sport athlete, Alex earned a state championship in rugby on an undefeated team and played rugby on the collegiate level at Stanford. He has strong work ethic and is committed to long-term success. Empowered and motivated by his distinctive experiences, committed to service/community, and long-term relationships with underserved populations, Alex was selected for highly competitive academic scholarships in college and dental school. He graduated from Meharry School of Dentistry in 2016 as twice-elected Vice President his class. Alex enjoys working with children and volunteer coaches 4-6 year olds in basketball. As a New York University pediatric dental resident, Alex gained invaluable clinical and didactic experience in topics including, but not limited to pediatric oral sedation, treatment under general anesthesia, behavior management, and orthodontics under the guidance of board certified pediatric dentists and orthodontists. Dr. Alex is professional, personable, prepared and ready to make an early and significant contribution as  a pediatric dentist in his hometown of Nashville, TN.

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"Alex genuinely cares enormously about healthy teeth and has a very friendly and respectful attitude.
He is the best. I trust him with my kids."

Sandy Williams

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